Vintage-Tone Tube Amps for Guitar & Harmonica

Welcome to Honeyboy Amps

Honeyboy Amps makes vintage-style all-tube amplifiers for guitar and harmonica.

If you’re looking for pure vintage tube tone that breaks into gorgeous gritty bite, these could be the amps for you. I hand-wire high-end components in proven classic circuit designs. I put them in my own hand-built cabinets, made from American white oak, for a rich, resonant and focused foundation for your tone. Then it’s over to you. You can join in the creative process by choosing from a selection of fabulous finishes and hardware options, to create a custom look of your own.

My customers have replaced many established brands with their Honeyboy amps, and they’re finding them perfect for blues, rockabilly, country, rhythm & blues, swing, surf, classic rock and garage punk rock’n’roll. See our customer testimonials below.

When you buy Honeyboy you buy personal service and advice on component selection and options; you’ll get build photos along the way, and a chance to approve your finished colour scheme before completion; and you’ll have my personal lifetime construction warranty.



Honeyboy Amps are hand-crafted in Scotland, ‘Built Beside The Clyde’.

  • classic vintage tone circuits
  • quality branded components
  • tone-enhancing oak cabinets
  • gorgeous exotic custom finishes
  • hand-built in the UK
  • personal service and lifetime construction warranty

a selection of our vinyl and grille combos

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Who’s Honeyboy?

I’m Andy ‘Honeyboy’ Smith, harmonica player and singer with Glasgow rhythm & blues band Used Blues. Vintage rock and roll sounds are in my blood, and I set out to make a high quality amplifier that offered authentic vintage tone and stunning custom looks. It seemed natural that my amps carry the Honeyboy name too, so now I regularly gig with my favourite Honeyboy Harp amp and both of our guitarists are gigging the Honeyboy 18.

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  • (Honeyboy 5 Harp Amp) Its a cracking little amp and so loud for its size. Best amp I’ve ever played through. Time for my Memphis Mini to move over.

    Chris FosbrookHayling Island

  • I’ve played my first rehearsal last night with the amp. And its AWESOME! It breaks up beautifully with all the volume I need. It has amazing, tight low end punch. I couldn’t be happier with it!

    Graham Hyde, The Juke Joint KingsE.Yorkshire

  • I love the amp (5w guitar 10″ Jensen). It has a beautiful voice and has given me the straight “no pedals required” Americana/roots tones that I wanted, and more. Beautifully made, and and fantastically responsive to both guitar choice and player input. Thanks a million.

    Graham AldridgeSurrey

  • WOW – very impressive!  I think this has pretty much nailed the lap steel tone I’ve been chasing.  There’s a rich, woody, almost piano-like tone from the low strings, and in the higher register, a really smooth and silky treble response.  I like my tone quite mellow, but often that comes at the expense of clarity with some amps, but that’s not the case here – I can hear every string clear as a bell, even with those big fat 6th chords.  Fantastic.  This amp is making me sound, and actually play better – thank you!




  • This thing is INCREDIBLE! If you’re looking for a 5 watt guitar combo that produces a classic rock ‘n roll tone, you might want to check out Honeyboy Amps

    Guitar NerdsPodcasts

  • The Honeyboy 5 is a really versatile amp, ideal for getting a fabulous tone without deafening everyone within earshot. It reminds me very much of the vintage 40’s Gibsons in terms of the quality of tone. For gigs it’s ideal for smaller club dates and still delivers a killer tone. For recording it’s an absolute pleasure! I prefer recording live and this amp is the ideal vehicle for this. Great tone at a low and manageable volume. The quality of the overall workmanship, as well as the look and feel of the whole amp is a delight. I always look forward to playing through it!

    Chris CorcoranChris Corcoran Trio

  • The Honeyboy 5 is his custom harp amp and it is a very fine amp indeed. It has a deep and rich tone and a huge volume for a 5 watt amp. The bass notes, especially when tongue blocking, have incredible depth and tone, the mids are strong and the high end is clear and bright. I played it with no effects just a hot CR element and it roared!

    Kenny BoagHamilton

  • I played it for the entire rehearsal with my Les Paul and it’s a cracking piece of kit! Nice growl that cleans up really well when the guitar volume is backed off. Took it home to try with the Strat and it marries well with single-coils too.


  • Stunning finish on these handmade amps … the sound is something you need to hear. Not only is your attention to detail and design spot on, you’re pumping out some fantastic tone monsters in a small box – fabulous, well done.

    Davie BrewGlasgow (Guitarist)

  • I would like to say a big thanks to Andy and Sarah from the Scottish-based Honeyboy Amps company for the loan of their 9watt Honeyboy harmonica amp. I put it through its paces in the studio for a few days and was blown away by the tone and surprising volume of the amp. Big bottom end and a killer crunch, like a hippo falling into a truck load of monster munch. Live or studio situation this amp is the business. Form and orderly queue now!

    Al PriceGalloway (Harmonica Player)

  • I was very surprised by this amp, it’s got some real tone to it and a real kick of volume for its size. I like the fact it keeps its presence even at low volume. It smacks the arse off a blues junior any day of the week.

    Al BrownGlasgow (Guitarist)

  • I love it. It’s a great little gigging amp with a great tone and clarity. I was impressed how well it was made and how good it looked. I was incredibly impressed with how cool it sounds. If you want to get that Chicago blues harmonica sound a la Little Walter, this is the amp for you.

    Giles Robson(The Dirty Aces), Devon

  • This wee thing sounds killer. Great bottom end, very responsive and just all round great tones. If you like great vintage tones, hand wired Amps , rock solid construction and amazing looks these could be the Amps for you.

    Colin RobertsonGlasgow

We use local suppliers and services whenever we can, and try and be as environmentally responsible as possible. We re-use our sawdust to make concrete pots, we make home decor goods from our off-cuts, and re-use packing material where appropriate.

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