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5w teamed with a Vibroverb

Big Band rocks Little Honeyboyby Honeyboy Amps / March, 2017

Our Swingmeister guitar pro endorser Chris Corcoran has frequently been using his Honeyboy 5 in the studio, but it got an interesting live outing this week. Chris’s latest project is the 7-piece Chris Corcoran Band which features a terrific brass section and piano. Now we all know that a 5 watt guitar amp isn’t going to get you very far in that line-up (even when mic’d to the PA, the player still needs to hear himself) but Chris played through the Honeyboy and used its line-out to drive his Fender Vibroverb amp. The cool thing about this for us is that he could have just used the 40w Fender on its own, but so taken is he with the Honeyboy tone that he chose to use our little 5w to drive the Vibroverb. (Thanks Gra Ald and Peter Gore for the photos).


You can get a taste of the gig at the Pizza Express Music Room, Maidstone,  from this compilation vid:


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