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Honeyboy for Lap Steelby Honeyboy Amps / June, 2017

We had an enquiry from Rob, a lap steel guitar player looking for a better tone than he was getting from his Fender Champ. His lowest note being C (5th string 3rd fret on guitar) I suggested we use different components to deepen the frequency response, as in the harp amps.

sweet cream 2

Here’s what Rob had to say: “WOW.  First impressions – very impressive!  I think this has pretty much nailed the lap steel tone I’ve been chasing.  There’s a rich, woody, almost piano-like tone from the low strings, and in the higher register, a really smooth and silky treble response.  I like my tone quite mellow, but often that comes at the expense of clarity with some amps, but that’s not the case here – I can hear every string clear as a bell, even with those big fat 6th chords.  Fantastic.  This amp is making me sound, and actually play better – thank you!

Also very impressed by the background noise, or rather lack of it compared to other tube amps I’ve owned.

My old faithful Fender Champ’s been resigned to the wardrobe already”.

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