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Blowing our own trumpet – Part 1by Honeyboy Amps / March, 2018

I’m not usually one to brag but the amp market is a busy one and it’s good to blow your own trumpet now and then.

Part 1

So here’s my hit-list of amps that have been replaced by Honeyboys. This is not just our amps added to peoples collections of amps, it’s where the Honeyboy has replaced the customer’s main gigging amp, and a lot of those replaced amps have been sold.


Blackstar HT Club 40
Cornford Hurricane
Vox AC15
Peavey Classic 30
EpiPhone Blues 40
Dr Z Maz18
Cornell Plexi 18/20
Marshall JTM 30
Fender Princeton
Fender Pro Jnr
Fender Blues Jnr
Laney LC50
Hargear HG35
Memphis Mini
Spirit Harp Pro

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