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Glasgow Blues Playersby Honeyboy Amps / April, 2018

You’ll have seen our strapline on these web pages – ‘Built Beside The Clyde”. So when Kirk Lothian of the Glasgow Blues Players project called to arrange a photoshoot I knew exactly were to go. The cranes on the River Clyde are fantastic reminders of  Glasgow’s shipbuilding heritage, an era when if a ship was ‘Clydebuilt’ it was one of the finest and sturdiest vessels afloat.  Kirk got some great photos on a really crisp winter morning.  Please take a look at his project site, its got loads of my pals from the Glasgow blues scene and lots more I’ve yet to meet. Its started as a photo project but there are interviews and music downloads too. Thanks Kirk, it was a nice wee day oot.

Glasgow Blues Players

My page on the GBP project

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