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Integral Close-Miking Systemby Honeyboy Amps / April, 2018

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We’ve teamed  up with SAMsystems to offer this great new close-miking solution as installed options in our amps. Fitting between the speaker cone and the grill, it places an off-axis super-cardioid dynamic microphone right at the sweet spot, and present out put to a fixed XLR socket at the back of the amp. All you need is an XLR cable straight to the PA or mixing desk. I use these and they’re great – they save stage space, will not get knocked about like boomstands, and there’s little chance of overspill from other instruments.

See them on our accessories page, and if you buy an amp, the checkout page will offer the installed option.

DSC_0370 (Large) 28660945_1612128622204248_1881925545210413056_n 20180412_111209 20180408_141536 (Large) Integral 5 Integ Logo white



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