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30w 3x10 in White Croc

New Honeyboy Amps model on sale now!by Honeyboy Amps / June, 2018

The 2-channel Honeyboy 30watt 3×10 is our progression to large-venue amplification. A lot more clean headroom than the 18, but with break-up available further up the volume dial. Like the 5 and 18, its very touch-responsive for great dynamics. The controls comprise; Volume for each of the Normal and Bright channels; separate Bass and Treble; and Presence which shapes the treble response to the switchable negative feedback circuit. Based on the tweed Bandmaster, the 3×10 speaker configuration (a 4 ohm output into a 2.7 ohm load) has a distinct character of its own. We’ve installed 2 Jensen AlNiCo speakers for the original tweed sound, and added a ceramic Celestion Greenback to top off the tone with extra punch. Find it on our custom shop page now!

30w 3x10 in White Croc

Gold-plated knobs


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