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Greg Izor plays Honeyboy Amps 3×10by Honeyboy Amps / July, 2018

We were delighted to provide two harmonica amps for this great show in Aberdeen. Hosted by local harp hero Spider MacKenzie, and featuring the hugely talented harmonica maestro Greg Izor from Austin, Texas.  As if that wasn’t enough talent in the room, it was Al Brown on guitar and Lewis Fraser from the Gerry Jablonski Electric Band on drums.  Greg is a great harp player and songwriter,  a charismatic performer known for off-the-hook chromatic solos and super-cool infections grooves.  After about 20 seconds playing through the 3×10 30w amp, he said “That thing kicks ass man” and was in no doubt that that was his amp for the night. Greg said he’d played through many different harp amps and found a lot of them to be one-dimensional – but ours was dynamic and gave him everything he needed to get the nuances of play across. We were very proud to have him play through it, and to cap it all he gave me a guest spot too.

DSC_0819 (Large) DSC_0798 (Large) poster DSC_0786 (Large) DSC_0775 (Large) DSC_0846 (Large) DSC_0842 (Large) DSC_0815 (Large) DSC_0827 (Large)

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