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Paul Jones plays Honeyboy Ampby Honeyboy Amps / September, 2018

Paul Jones knows his way around a harmonica. Manfred Mann started out playing R’n’B versions of classic blues, and in 1980 Paul started The Blues Band. Plus, he must have heard thousands of harp players in his 30+ years hosting The Blues Show for the BBC. So when he called to ask for the loan of a Honeyboy harp amp, we hi-tailed it down to London toot-sweet and met him at the Pizza Express Jazz Soho. Paul had heard our amps at the Blues Harp Explosion recording session, so we were the first choice when he needed gear in a hurry. He chose the deeper-voiced Honeyboy 18, mic’d to the PA, and set on a tilt stand for stage monitoring. It was a great night of rhythm and blues from a great band, including guitar from John Etheridge (Soft Machine). We look forward to welcoming Paul to the Honeyboy workshop soon.

DSC_1560 (Large) DSC_1572 (Large) DSC_1578 (Large) DSC_1596 (Large)

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