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Guitar Magazine Reviewby Honeyboy Amps / September, 2018

We just had a great review from The Guitar Magazine. We met the guys at a show earlier this year and told them we were making a 3×10 Bandmaster-style amp, and also that we had plans to match amp finishes to guitars. The result was this stunning Honeyboy 30, which they paired up with a gorgeous Gretsch White Falcon.  We were delighted with all the great things they wrote about the amp, especially about the versatility and quality of tone. There’ll be an online version soon so we’ll post links, but for now here are some highlights:

We asksed Andy if he could build the equivalent of a Gretsch White Falcon, and the results are spectacular!”

The range of tones is very wide and, sticking with the Gretsch, we go from warm Chet Atkins cleans into the sqeaky bite of [Brian] Setzer and beyond into Malcolm Young grind. Buth te real magic happens when the volume and treble controls are set to around 8 and the bass is dialled back. This is where we find the Townshend-style jangling power chords of Who’s Next, where shimmering treble is layered over growling low mids…our Gretsch has never sounded this good

The growl and snarl of the Bright channel becomes a roaring grind as the Normal channel is pushed. You get roadhouse blues tones with a Strat and muscular classic-rock crunch and note-bloom with a Les Paul

The Honeyboy drives more easily than the ’59 Bassman we’re able to compare it to. While is has a similar treble character, the Honeyboy 30 has looser lows and a snarly and raunchier character. On balance, we prefer the way it plays and sounds

Here’s a link to the full review Guitar Magazine Review

30 Gretsch EJ Online

photo credit: EleanorJane Photograhy

Verdict panel 30

Main spread 30

W Bandmaster






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