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Ian Siegal gigs Honeyboy 5by Honeyboy Amps / March, 2019

I took some Honeyboy 5w amps to Ian Siegal’s gig latest Glasgow gig. He played a set with each, and is taking the Burgundy Gator on tour. I was delighted to see one of my favourite artists enjoying our gear. Ian posted the next day: “A million thanks to Andy Smith for bringing me his beautiful Honeyboy amp AND letting me take her away on the road. She’s in good hands (and trust me folks, these amps are KILLER!)”

If you don’t know Ian or his award-winning pedigree, check out his catalogue here: Ian Siegal Recordings

Ian cropped Ian and 5w ian gator

Ironically, the current tour is named Unplugged, but before the gig we chatted online, and Ian said that at the last minute he’d had to set up one of his guitars with a pickup that  would suit an amp rather than DI to the desk. It was a great performance, and Ian said “I’m supposed to be playing acoustic but its my gig and can do what I like, and I’ve been wanting to try these lovely Honeyboy amps”.   Remaining tour dates below – go see if he’s gone acoustic or still rocking the Honeyboy.


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