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MINI-TWIN CABSby Honeyboy Amps / March, 2020

We’ve recently launched our Mini-Twin cabinets, and I’m delighted to say we’ve had terrific responses from both our customers and the reviewers at Guitar Magazine /

A while ago I had some 6” speakers sitting around and I just wanted to make something small and cute, but when I plugged in and heard the 2×6 cab I thought “Hello, we’ve got something here!” I was amazed at how loud it could go. That’s pretty much been the first response of everyone who’s heard one of our 2×6 or 2×8 cabs.

I’ve loaded the cabs with Jensen speakers, one alnico and one ceramic in each, giving a broader aural spectrum. The frequency response peaks of the two speakers are different, so with both, you get more complexity of tone.  The 2×6 has 40w power handling, the 2×8 has 50w. Both have two 4ohm speakers wired in series for an 8ohm load, but I can offer two 8ohm wired parallel if that’s your preference.

Underpinning the speaker choice is our hardwood cabinetry, which, many of our customers agree, gives an extra clarity to the tone – no woolly sounds here! We’re aiming these cabs at the mini – and micro-head market. The compact size of the cabs together with a lunchbox head or pedalboard amp make a really portable package.

In the March edition of Guitar Magazine, the reviewers awarded us Editor’s Choice. They said “Both of these cabs fill a niche, are impressively made and sound very good indeed. Unexpectedly loud and balanced. Pleasing mid-range colouration (2×6), balanced full frequency tone and impressive power handling (2×8). You can read the full review here: Review


Great review, but we knew we had a good product already because of some very nice feedback from our first customers to buy these cabs:

Erich Breyer, USA, 2×6 :

Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much I love my cab. It produces such a beautiful tone, and looks amazing. The quality you are able to produce is so impressive. I love my AC15, but my Micro Terror Dark and the Honeyboy cab blow it away.

Jonny Lay, UK, 2×6:

The 2×6 cab is brilliant – I’ve been using it with my Toneking Gremlin at home and it’s a really nice alternative to the built-in speaker, great for the Fender Champ kind of vibe which is exactly what I was going for with a smaller speaker. Haven’t had the chance to record with it yet but I think it will be great for this purpose too. Plus it looks awesome!

Steve Burroughs, UK, 2×8:

I was intending to use the 2×8 with my Two Rock purely for practice at home, but it sounds at least equivalent to a 1×12, so have teamed it up with my 57 Tweed for doing pubs in my preferred stereo set up. I’m running a low auto pan stereo trem with a stereo Tri chorus and delay, it sounds huge at very manageable volumes. Of my drives, the Jan Ray and Blues Power sound amazing through the Two Rock and 2×8, it’s instant SRV/Mayer. In my opinion, the dual speaker set up adds more character than a 1×12. Have also had the T-R/2×8 in a recording session this morning and the engineer was completely blown away.

Steve stereo rig

Tommy Bentz, USA, 2×6 and 2×8:

Tommy was already a Honeyboy fan, using our 18w amp on two tours in Scotland and northern England. He was on the lookout for a compact rig for a tour of little Spanish bars some challenging small stage areas. “I did a Spanish tour that included dates in Madrid, Zaragoza, Calella, and Barcelona. I needed to keep my guitar rig compact, so I bought a Honeyboy 2×6 cab for the tour. As I’m also a Quilter Artist, I brought along a 101 Reverb head to power the cab, which is lightweight, 50 watts and very compact for travel. I paired it up with an Orange combo in my stereo setup. The cab was expertly built, like all Honeyboy products, and is finished in blue viper, which looks awesome! I named it Azul Pequeno, short for pequeno pero poderoso (small but mighty).  During rehearsals the day before the tour, drummer Andy Algire was quoted ‘all that sound is coming out of that little cab’?”.  On his next tour in the UK, back in regular sized bar and club venues, Tommy stayed with the Quilter/Honeyboy combination for the stereo rig, and we made him a 2×8. I was at 3 of the dates on this tour and this setup carried the rooms with ease.

Tommy small stereo rig 20190927_220929

As usual we have a wide range of fantastic finishes, so why not Grab a Fab Cab now!

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