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2x10 Rear View

Get ’em while they’re hot! 2×10 30wby Honeyboy Amps / July, 2020

Hello from Honeyboy Central, where we’re excited about the great response we had since launching the 2×10 Honeyboy 30w. Hot on the heels of showing the one I made for myself, I’m working on the next two orders already – seems it might be the model a lot of you have been waiting for.  When moving up to the 30w bracket a while ago, we went straight to 3×10 model built around the Tweed Bandmaster. We got a great review from Guitar magazine for that one (Review) but the size and weight isn’t for everyone, so we now have the same electronics chassis in the 2×10 Tweed Super format. The Guitar mag review emphasized the versatility and tonal quality of that classic circuit, and it’s now available in a more portable package.

2X10 30W

2x10 Rear View

2×10 Rear View

Here’s one of our customers on the original 1950s tweed amp range and why he opted for our Super-style 2×10: “The 2×10 Super is the sleeper king of the tweed range. Way lighter weight-wise and more car/taxi cab friendly size-wise than a Bassman or Twin. Capable of pristine and full rich clean tones worthy of the bigger tweed amps but with all the warmth of the smaller Tremolux or Deluxe. Turn them up and they rock like any tweed will do but with the punch and immediacy that 2×10 brings!”

Our 18w 1×12 has been a big hit with blues players who dig the characteristic bite and growl of the smaller, cathode-biased tweeds, but some customers, especially those who are after a more rock n roll sound, have asked for more clean headroom, and the fixed-bias 30w delivers this in spades.

You can get the full spec and buy one here:  Custom Shop

Or if you have any questions about this or any other models or finishes, please email andy@honeyboyamps or call me on 07846 052769

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