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5w Head lit

Made it to ’21by Honeyboy Amps / January, 2021

Well that was a tough year! With musicians everywhere finding their options severely limited, we didn’t know if we’d be making amps in 2021, but here we are, made it through by the skin of our teeth thanks to some determined customers and some night-shifts on the forklift.

As well as our ever-popular 5w and 18w  combos, we did some other interesting new stuff. I had a request for a small 5w for home noodling, to fit a very specific nook in someone’s living room. We settled on a Champ clone in a 36x30cm cab with an 8″ speaker. Here’s what Mark from Horndean had to say, some in an email to me, and some in an ongoing post on Fretboard:

“Andy, amp arrived about an hour ago, just to say I couldn’t be happier with it. From the aesthetic detailing to the tone, response and dynamics, it’s just gorgeous. Its also super low noise and doesn’t sound like a small amp, which is fantastic, been playing for an hour without any pedals, even reverb which is a first!…”

“Just having another little play with a few pedals. It is unbelievably responsive. I love the way can I play the most delicate little run on the treble side then, dig in on the bass side and it just blooms. Amazing dynamic range….””

“Had this a week now. It’s the most fun, most responsive amp I’ve ever played and has an absolutely stunning tone. Rich, detailed and warm”


From small to large, we had orders for two 30w 2×10 from my bandmate Jim and Glasgow man-about-town Duncan.  The same circuit as the tried and tested 3×10 Bandmaster, featured in the Guitar mag a couple of years ago, this one takes the format of the tweed-era Super.  Here’s what Duncan says about the Super:

“The 2×10 super is the sleeper king of the tweed range. Way lighter weight-wise and taxi cab friendly size-wise than a bassman or tweed twin but capable of pristine and full rich clean tones worthy of the bigger tweed amps but with all warmth of the smaller tremolux or deluxe. Turn them up and they rock like any tweed will do but with the punch and immediacy that 2×10 brings!

Lockdown has meant that neither 2×10 has seen gigging action yet, but from what I heard in the workshop, they’ll be dazzling.

2x10 Rear View

We started last year with the launch of our 2×6 and 2×8 speaker cabs, and were delighted with our Editor’s Choice review in March’s Guitar Magazine. We enjoyed a steady flow of orders for these throughout the summer, probably due to their perfect suitability for live-streaming.  Michael from Bromley gave us a warm fuzzy feeling in November with an order for a matching pair. “They sound absolutely great. The 6 inch speakers create the sound I’m after as opposed to the bass-heavy single 12 inch speaker I had. Well done and thank you”.  I tried out a pair of these cabs with a 12ft separation, driven by a 5w amp and they sounded Huge. A pair of these in parallel will handle up to 80 watts.

Mmaba Twins

Having had fun with the small cab variations, I made a couple of larger cabs. A combination of a 2×6 and a 12, with some added height to take the big speaker off the floor, and a 4×8 with some added legs matching the copper corners. I’ll be making a video to demo these as soon as my local rehearsal space opens again, and the green 4×8 will have a matching head.

2x6plus12 4x8

Which brings us to heads. I’ve avoided heads so far, as I didn’t like the idea of putting a Honeyboy head through any old cab and loosing out on Honeyboy cab tone, but in the current climate, an order is an order, and I made this 5w head for John in Manchester. He had this to say: “It just arrived and it is incredible. I’m absolutely amazed at the quality and the sound. The best thing about it is how smooth the volume ramp-up is along with the articulation of the notes. It’s really made me rethink my guitar settings to interact with the amp.  I don’t miss the eq knobs at all (*It has one treble-roll-off tone control).  The sound is beautiful.  The only way I can describe it is how my fender amp sounds but slightly sweeter and 100 times easier to dial in. And of course the finish is absolutely perfect”.

5w Head lit

So the variety and excellent feedback helped us stay positive in 2020, and we’d like to thank all the customers over the last year for keeping their faith in rock and roll. We also give a special thank you to the great bluesman and songwriter Ian Siegal, who livestreamed every Sunday throughout the summer with his trusty Honeyboy 5w. “I love that thing” says Ian.


Wishing you all well for the coming year

Andy & Sarah

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