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  • Made it to ’21 by Honeyboy Amps / January, 2021

    Well that was a tough year! With musicians everywhere finding their options severely limited, we didn't know if we'd be making amps in 2021, but here we are, made it through by t

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  • Get ’em while they’re hot! 2×10 30w by Honeyboy Amps / July, 2020

    Hello from Honeyboy Central, where we’re excited about the great response we had since launching the 2x10 Honeyboy 30w. Hot on the heels of showing the one I made for myself, I

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  • MINI-TWIN CABS by Honeyboy Amps / March, 2020

    We’ve recently launched our Mini-Twin cabinets, and I’m delighted to say we’ve had terrific responses from both our customers and the reviewers at Guitar Magazine / Guitar.

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  • Ian Siegal gigs Honeyboy 5 by Honeyboy Amps / March, 2019

    I took some Honeyboy 5w amps to Ian Siegal's gig latest Glasgow gig. He played a set with each, and is taking the Burgundy Gator on tour. I was delighted to see one of my favouri

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  • Guitar Magazine Review by Honeyboy Amps / September, 2018

    We just had a great review from The Guitar Magazine. We met the guys at a show earlier this year and told them we were making a 3x10 Bandmaster-style amp, and also that we had pl

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  • Paul Jones plays Honeyboy Amp by Honeyboy Amps / September, 2018

    Paul Jones knows his way around a harmonica. Manfred Mann started out playing R'n'B versions of classic blues, and in 1980 Paul started The Blues Band. Plus, he must have heard t

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