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  • A matching pair by Honeyboy Amps / January, 2018

    There's no compliment quite like a repeat customer. Last summer Graham Hyde from The Juke Joint Kings bought a Honeyboy 5 guitar amp and he's been gigging it regularly. He was s

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  • Edinburgh Harmonica Workshop by Honeyboy Amps / July, 2017

    Honeyboy Amps were invited by Tomlin Leckie, organsiser of the Edinburgh Harmonica Workshop, to provide harmonica amps for this years big harp bash in Scotland's capital. We took

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  • Honeyboy for Lap Steel by Honeyboy Amps / June, 2017

    We had an enquiry from Rob, a lap steel guitar player looking for a better tone than he was getting from his Fender Champ. His lowest note being C (5th string 3rd fret on guitar)

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  • Big Band rocks Little Honeyboy by Honeyboy Amps / March, 2017

    Our Swingmeister guitar pro endorser Chris Corcoran has frequently been using his Honeyboy 5 in the studio, but it got an interesting live outing this week. Chris's latest projec

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  • Custom Cabinets by Honeyboy Amps / February, 2017

    We've been making some custom cabinets recently. Click on the photos below to see 2 demo videos, and give me a shout on 01389 499879 or to discuss your own

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  • Sfarzo Guitar Strings by Honeyboy Amps / February, 2017

    Honeyboy Guitar Amps sound great, but they sound even better with a good set of guitar strings. We're pleased to team up with Cheshire Guitars, the UK distributor for Sfarzo.

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