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Will Wilde tours Honeyboy

  • Will Wilde tours Honeyboy by Honeyboy Amps / May, 2018

    Last year I met Will at the Edinburgh Harmonica Workshop, where he played through a Honeyboy 5 at the main show and in the amplified harp workshop. He liked it so much he called

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  • Integral Close-Miking System by Honeyboy Amps / April, 2018

    We've teamed  up with SAMsystems to offer this great new close-miking solution as installed options in our amps. Fitting between the speaker cone and the grill, it places an

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  • Glasgow Blues Players by Honeyboy Amps / April, 2018

    You'll have seen our strapline on these web pages - 'Built Beside The Clyde". So when Kirk Lothian of the Glasgow Blues Players project called to arrange a photoshoot I knew exac

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  • Honeyboy Amps Presents… by Honeyboy Amps / March, 2018

    Here it is! We're proud to announce that our endorsers Giles Robson and Chris Corcoran have collaborated on this fine tribute to Little Walter, recorded with just harp and guitar

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  • Blowing our own trumpet Part 2 by Honeyboy Amps / March, 2018

    Among all the excellent feedback about the amps I’ve had recently, these are some of my faves: Jerome Stuart: I totally love it, every nuance of what you play comes through.

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  • Blowing our own trumpet – Part 1 by Honeyboy Amps / March, 2018

    I'm not usually one to brag but the amp market is a busy one and it's good to blow your own trumpet now and then. Part 1 So here's my hit-list of amps that have been replac

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  • The Brothers of Mothershovel by Honeyboy Amps / March, 2018

    Just got some great feedback from Adam Burney, frontman of The Brothers of Mothershovel, about his Honeyboy 5 harmonica amp "It is an absolute delight to use.  In fact it is eas

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  • The Guitar Magazine by Honeyboy Amps / January, 2018

    Hopefully you’ll have seen our two articles in The Guitar Magazine in October and November. The first was our 9/10 Review of the Honeyboy 5 and 18 guitar amps, and the second w

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  • Run Into The Night by Honeyboy Amps / January, 2018

    We traveled from Glasgow to London for the Amplify show and met Christina and Emily, from Glasgow! They are the fine garage punk rock n roll duo Run Into The Night, regularly gig

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  • BBC Introducing… Amplify by Honeyboy Amps / January, 2018

    In October we exhibited at the BBC Introducing… Amplify show at ExCel in London.  BBC Introducing.. is all about giving unsigned musical talent the exposure and guidance they

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