30w 3x10 in White Croc
DSC_0611 AdCrop (Large)W Bandmaster

3×10 Honeyboy 30 Guitar Amp


When you buy the Honeyboy 30 3×10 Guitar Amp you get:

The legendary 5E7 Tweed Bandmaster circuit

Tungsol 12AY7 pre-amp tubes

Tungsol 12AX7  V3/PI tube

Matched pair of Tungsol 6L6 power tubes, JJ 5U4GB rectifier tube

2 x 10″ Jensen P10R AlNiCo speakers

1 x 10″ Celestion Greenback ceramic speaker

Normal and Bright channel Hi/Lo Inputs

Normal and Bright channel volume controls, Bass, Treble, Presence

Effects Loop option available

Handmade hardwood cabinet with your choice of custom covering and hardware

Includes fitted padded cover

Lifetime Warranty on circuit wiring and cab construction

1 year manufacturers warranty on speakers, transformers and switches

UK shipping £30 – USA shipping from $99  –  Mainland Europe shipping from Euro 40

Please email us for US, European and other postage rates – andy@honeyboyamps.com 


Amp Clamps and Accessories

Integral Close-Mic System



PLEASE NOTE: Waiting List / Build time is currently approximately 6 weeks from order to shipping date.