Blue harp
Blue harpTurquoise Gator, Checker grille

Honeyboy 5 Harmonica Amp plus USA/CAN shipping


If you’re buying a Honeyboy 5 Harmonica Amp you’ll get as standard:

Premium 12AU7 18% gain pre-amp tube selected to reduce feedback

6V6 power tube, 5Y3GT rectifier tube

10” Celestion Greenback ceramic speaker – for a darker harp tone than the Jensen AlNiCo

Oversized output transformer for more volume and deeper bass – 9 watts measured audio output with strong harp mics

Tight/Loose Character switch (negative-feedback-loop on/off switch to change distortion characteristics)

Line-out socket for PA connection

Handmade hardwood cabinet with your choice of custom covering and hardware

Lifetime Warranty on circuit wiring and cabinet construction

1 year manufacturers warranty on speakers, transformers and switches

Not included: Fitted covers available from Roqsolid



Amp Clamps and Accessories

Integral Close-Mic System



PLEASE NOTE: Waiting List / Build time is currently approximately 6 weeks from order to shipping date.